In 1971 C Alan Martin received what he called a vision of the night. In this night vision he saw a row of 12 houses that he recognized were part of the neighborhood he lived in when he was a kid. All the streets in this neighborhood were named after presidents. Later on he experienced subsequent dreams that added further revelation to his original night vision. He then concluded each house represented a different presidential administration, and deduced that house #1 represented President Harry Truman. And that house #12 would be the last President before some catastrophe hit or the Antichrist made the scene. Martin then posted his revelation on the internet when Bill Clinton was President. I first came across this prophecy in 1999 or 2000. Even though the mistake had already been made, I did not pick up on it at that time. As appears in the diagram below; I felt George W H Bush better fit house #8 then #9. And the Clinton administration in house #10 didn’t fit the scenario described for that house. Martin later uploaded another version to the internet when Obama was President. A link to both sites can be found at the bottom of page. The diagram below is from Martin’s site in the Obama era. The one in the earlier Clinton era is very similar except question marks are listed beneath houses 11 & 12, and Martin speculates on whom might succeed Clinton as president.  Since Obama is no longer president and Donald Trump is; if you studied the diagram you probably realized something is out of whack here. It just doesn’t add up. This is not a false vision. It is sound. But Martin did commit a definite blunder that if fixed puts everything into its proper perspective. There’s no doubt Martin actually received a revelation from God about the end times and succession of presidents. Now some of his interpretations are flawed based on an erroneous conclusion. Martin based his interpretation on all who held the office of President. Instead the focus should have been on presidents who were elected into office. Each house represents an elected presidential administration. That’s where he missed it. Donald Trump is the 13th man to become President since Truman. But he is the 12th man to be elected President since Truman. The mistake Martin made occurred at house #6. Richard Nixon was elected President in 1968. Nixon’s running mate for Vice President was Spiro Agnew. The Nixon administration occupied house #5. In 1972 Nixon won re-election in landslide proportions. Early in Nixon’s second term in office, Agnew was pressured into resigning the vice presidency. Richard Nixon then selected Gerald Ford to take Agnew’s place. Less then a year later Richard Nixon, because of Watergate, resigned from office. Vice President Gerald Ford, now next in line to succeed Nixon, was sworn in as an unelected president. It was Nixon’s elected term of office Ford completed, not his own. This means Ford would serve out the remainder of Nixon’s term as President in house #5. But Martin just goes ahead anyway and assigns Ford house #6 which threw everything afterwards off coarse. Vice Presidents Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson served out the terms of deceased presidents as unelected presidents. But then both, after winning presidential elections, became President in their own right. This was not true with Ford. In 1976 Jimmy Carter challenged President Ford for the top office of the United States. It was the winner of that contest who should have been assigned house #6. If Ford won then him. But he didn’t. Jimmy Carter was elected President. Carter should have been assigned house #6 instead of Ford, not house #7 as was the case. Correct this mistake and everything else falls magically into place. A wonderful prophecy given by God to C Alan Martin concerning the future of America, and even the timing for the Rapture of the Church. If you check the dates on the diagram above; you will see Martin made the same mistake with Lyndon Johnson. After Kennedy’s assassination Lyndon Johnson was sworn in and fulfilled the reminder of Kennedy’s term as an unelected president in house #3. But Martin immediately assigned Johnson house #4 instead. In the Nov 1964 elections Johnson defeated Barry Goldwater in the race for president. He then began his own term as an elected President in house #4. So that mistake bore no consequences. Presidential elections occur during leap years on a Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November.  Presidents are both sworn into office and leave office the next year on January  20th. Here is the corrected arrangement: House 1:   Truman 1949 to 1953 House 2:   Eisenhower 1953 to 1961 House 3:   Kennedy 1961 to Nov 22, 1963; Johnson Nov 22, 1963 to 1965 House 4:   Johnson 1965 to 1969 House 5:   Nixon 1969 to Aug 8, 1974; Ford Aug 9, 1974 to 1977 House 6:   Carter 1977 to 1981 House 7:   Reagan 1981 to 1989 House 8:   H W Bush 1989 to 1993 House 9:   Clinton 1993 to 2001 House 10: W Bush 2001 to 2009 House 11: Obama 2009 to 2017 House 12: Trump 2017 to present    
#1   Truman (Truman had replaced as president Roosevelt who died in office.                        The atom bombs dropped on Japan to end WWII were ordered                       by Truman, and the nation of Israel was born May 14, 1948.                       Truman was the first man to be elected presidenty after Israel                       became a nation. Taking office on January 20, 1949.  #2   Eisenhower (warned Americans about the military-industrial complex)  #3   Kennedy (the Cuban missile crisis) #4   Johnson (Vietnam war) #5   Nixon (Watergate; secret tapes; aided Israel following the 1973 invasion;                    receives presidential pardon from Ford)  #6   Carter (a workaholic, attempts to oversee everything himself) #7   Reagan (one of the great Presidents of all time) #8   Bush  (proposes a new world order)                            #9   Clinton #10 Bush (shadow of 9/11--twin towers destroyed; Iraq war and fall of                   strongman Saddam Hussein) #11 Obama (are judgments yet to fall on the former Obama administration) #12 Trump (in the King James Version his name appears in two key Rapture  scriptures instead of trumpet. The only two places that happens).
C Alan Martin Night Vision
Correct This One Mistake
  Everything Else Falls Neatly Into Place
Once this correction is made it now becomes very clear what God revealed to C. Alan Martin. Between the gap that occurs from the birth of Israel until the Rapture of the Church; twelve men would be elected President of the United States. The Rapture is destined to occur during the administration of the 12th elected President. . In houses 8 & 10 it was quite unique to have presidents that were father and son. But perhaps of greater significance, notice that the first four letters of the last name of Presidents in house #1 (Truman) and house #12 (Trump) are identical. It seems like some kind of loop has been formed that separates the America that came before, and from the America that’s coming next. Inside this loop, America had become the premiere world power on earth. And for the first time in its history, America was now playing a major leading role in world affairs. In the diagram below (that Martin provided in his websites that you can link to below), the last five houses were located on Madison avenue. James Madison was the 4th president of the United States, and was more responsible then anyone else for the U.S. Constitution. Beyond the 12th house Martin wrote of a dirt path that led away from Madison avenue to a semi-circle pile of boulders lying on the other side of the path. The America that is coming after, will depart from the Constitution, and endure the judgment of nuclear war.  
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